Borges Agricultural and Industrial Edible Oils (BAIEO) is headquartered in Tarrega, Spain.  It is a group dedicated to the production, processing and B2B sale of olive oil, seed oil, vinegars and seeds. The business is one part of Borges International Group, a Spanish multinational family company founded in 1896 that has made more than 819.8 million euros in 116 countries around the world.

BAIEO started its international business in 1957. Currently, its products are distributed in 65 countries.  Not only does the business consist of buying and selling oil, but also supplying, industrializing and commercializing its customer’s products.

Borges National USA Corp was established as a joint venture between ­­­­­­BAIEO and National Cortina in 2006. National Cortina is a third-generation family business in the U.S with decades of experience with supplying imported ingredients to food manufacturers.

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