Our Olive oils come principally from Spain (world’s largest producer).

Also we have branches in Tunisia (major producer of organic oils) and Egypt.

Punctually we get supply from other origins to be able to offer the maximum quality and freshness all year long.



It is the perfect oil to use uncooked in salads and sauces. It is also a very good alternative for cooking.
It is used for the production of canned vegetables and fish.
Important ingredient in sauces, mayonnaises and tomato for pasta to contribute to a more authentic flavor thanks to its ideal nutritional profile.
Usual ingredient in animal feed formulations.


It hydrates and protects.
Habitual ingredient of lotions, creams and oils for the skin.
Corporal and moisturizing lubricant.


Common ingredient in creams, sprays and pills.
Ingredient for food supplements.
Ingredient in the production of capsules.
Known anti-inflammatory properties.


Ingredient for lubricant, cleaners and soaps.


We offer different qualities and end products, taking into account the requirements of our clients and the legislations of every country. + info


We have a wide range of available formats. We can adapt to the specific needs of every client.


Recent scientific studies have suggested that olive oil contributes to the prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases, digestive system problems, diabetes and can retard cellular oxidation.

The oleic acid, the main component of olive oil, increases levels of good cholesterol (HDL), which plays a protective role because it carries away the bad cholesterol deposited in the arteries to the liver to be removed, so that the risks of arterial thrombosis and heart attacks are reduced.

In addition, given its content of POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANTS, including sterols, tocopherols and vitamins (especially vitamin E), olive oil helps to eliminate free radicals and strengthen the cell membrane, so its consumption is recommended especially during childhood and old age.