Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Maximum acidity: 0.8º – organoleptic assessment: absolutely perfect aroma and taste.

  • Organic extra virgin olive oil: It comes from organic farming, guaranteed by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and the “vida sana” association that guarantees the non-use of pesticide products and non-genetic manipulation of olives with which our organic extra virgin is made.
  • Monovarietal: olive oil made from a variety of a unique type of olives (arbequina, hojiblanca, picual, cornicabra and lechín).
  • Multivarietal or Coupage: a blend of varieties of olives is elaborated to create a specific profile of olive oil. Borges has the means and ability necessary to assure that specific profile (color, flavor, aroma, analytical composition) from one batch to another and from one harvest to another while maintaining consistency.

The main qualities we can supply are:

South: Normally produced by the Picual / Hojiblanca and Picudo variety (among others) in southern Spain (Granada, Jaen, Sevilla, Córdoba and Ciudad Real), but also in Morocco and Tunisia with a similar profile. It is a strong oil, with body, intense flavor and strong personality Center: Fruity and soft at the same time, typical of Toledo and Aragon and the central regions of Spain, it is also found in areas of Greece and Tunisia. It is sweet and apple-like flavored. North: It is a Borges combination, between oils from the North and the South and some oil from the Center. With a maximum grade of acidity of 0.5°, it combines the fruitiness of the best oils from Andalusia with the sweetness of the center of Spain and some Hojiblanca taste as well. It is also found in Greece, Tunisia, Turkey and Italy. Catalonia: From this area of Spain, there comes the famous variety Arbequina that, with a small production, is one of the most valued extra virgin oil around the world for its apple and green almond flavor and its unmistakable fruity aromas of newly harvested green olive.

Virgin Olive Oil

Maximum acidity:  2º – Organoleptic assessment: completely perfect aroma and taste.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil
extra light

97% refined
3% extra virgin approx.

Very mild taste

Olive Oil

90% refined
10% extra virgin

Mild taste

 Olive Oil

50% refined
50% extra virgin

Intense taste

Refined Olive Oil

Obtained from lampante virgin olive oil after the refining process.

Olive-pomace oil

Mix of refined pomace oil and virgin olive oil, also according to customer specifications.
Borges always guarantee the consistency of taste, smell and type of oil throughout the year, and year after year.

Borges garantiza siempre la consistencia del sabor, olor y tipo de aceite durante todo el año, y año tras año.